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How To Book Local Train Tickets Using UTS app

Every time while booking the train ticket you need to wait for hours of time and it’s not an easy fact. therefore the UTS app was introduced by the Indian railway. UTS means unreserved ticketing system. This app allows you to book two types of tickets one is paper tickets and another one is paperless. Paper tickets means you need to book a ticket on the UTS app and take the print through ATVM (automatic ticket vending machine) which is available over 1,000 stations in India. Paperless tickets means, you need to book the tickets on the UTS app, and no need to take a print.

How To Book Local Train Tickets Using the UTS app

Following are the things you need to remember before booking the paperless tickets on the UTS app.

Paperless train tickets are best for some of the cities like Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Secunderabad. and while booking the paperless train ticket you should be there 2km distance, you are not able to book the paperless train ticket at the station. because while booking the paperless train ticket, it will ask you to allow the current location of yours, so that you can cheat and sometimes you can book because the location may show wrong sometimes because of network or other issues. and the best part about booking a paperless train ticket is that you can save the ticket offline but the thing is you have to charge your mobile full because if you are showing the train ticket by phone, your phone is dead means that time no options are available for you.

Following are the things you need to remember before booking the paper tickets on the UTS app.

In this case, while booking the paper tickets, it won’t ask you to turn on your location, and in this type, you need to take the print of the ticket at ATVM kiosks in the station, but the main thing we need to observe here is that the ink on the print may fade, and also some times ATVM kiosks may not work properly so that it’s better to not book the paper tickets through UTS app.

How To Book Local Train Tickets Using UTS App


How To Book Local Train Tickets Using UTS App

1. Open the UTS app on your phone.

2. If you not yet Register, Register the application.

  • You can download the UTS app on both Android, iPhone, and Window phone.
  • Open the app on your phone, click on the three verticle dots which are available on the top right, and click on Register. also visit the UTS website and click on signup.
  • Enter your mobile number, name, gender, password, then click on I accept the UTS terms of use and privacy policy, then click on Register, then you will get OTP, enter the OTP and click on Submit. That’s it.

3. Once you are logged in click on Book Ticket

4. Click on Normal Book.

5. Select the Book and Travel and then click on Continue.

6. Then under the From station, select the station where you want to book(Keep in mind there should be at least 2km distance).

7. Under the To station, enter the destination place.

8. Click on Proceed.

9. Multiple options are available on the next screen such as the number of passengers, single or return journey ticket, first or second class, AC or non-AC train, select according to your need. finally gateway, and click on Get Fare.

11. Then check all the details, you have entered and click on Book Ticket.

12. Again you will get a payment gateway, make a payment. once the procedure is completed, you will see the ticket.

13. If in case you are not able to see the ticket click on the Home button and tap on Booking history, where you will be able to see the ticket.

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