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How To Correct Or Update Voter ID Card Online.

  • It’s the responsibility of everyone to take part in the democratic process and to vote. the process is very simple, for this you need to have a Voter ID card(You can apply online)and your name should be there on the voter list if some of your details are not correct at that time you need to correct your ID card.
  • The good thing is to correct your id card you can apply online.
  • This section will let you know about the How to correct or update your Voter ID card Online.

Steps To Correct Or Update Voter ID Card Online

How To Correct Or Update Voter ID Card Online.

1. Visit National Voter Services Portal And scroll down to correction of entries in the electoral roll and click on click here. and also visit NVSP form 8 page.

2. Select the language and fill in the details like your state and assembly.

3. Then scroll down to Please Tick The Entry Which Is To Be Corrected. here you can tick the details you need to correct and also you can tick multiple options.

4. Once you tick the options, the color of the corresponding field will be changed from gray to white and you can upload the details.

5. Then fill the remaining form and add your personal details such as email id and mobile number.

6. Once everything is done click on Submit, which is at the bottom of the page.

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