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How To Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

As we all know Instagram is the most popular social media. Instagram is the top 6th social media application. Currently, more than 1 billion people using Instagram. Instagram used to share images, videos. Also, you can send and receive messages. You can reach your old friends by searching for the names. Also, by using Instagram you can get daily updates, by following the particular pages on Instagram. Other than all the applications of using Instagram, If you want to get relief from Instagram no need to delete your Instagram account permanently. You can disable your account Temporarily for how much time you need to do, and then you can use your old account only. Here are the steps we are providing you to Disable Instagram Account Temporarily. 

Steps To Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

1. Go to Google chrome and search in the search bar.

2. New page will get open, click on Log In.

Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

3. Then Enter your username, phone number, or email and password. and click on Log In.

4. It will ask you to enter a security code, Enter your security code if you have set two-step authentication.

Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

To secure your Instagram account, you need to enable Two-Factor Authentication. For that refer to the given article

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5. Your Instagram home page will get open.

6. Click on your profile picture available at the bottom right corner of the page.

7. It will show your account, click Edit profile.

8. You will be able to see your name, Username, Website, Bio, Email, Phone Number, Gender, and at the bottom of the screen you have an option called Temporarily disable my account, click on that.

Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

9. It will ask you that, Why are you disabling your account? select your preferred reason. and below that you have another option called To continue, please re-enter your password, enter your password and click on Temporarily Disable Account. 

Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

10. Finally it will ask you that, you’re about to temporarily disable your account. Go ahead? Click on yes.

Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

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