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How To Pay Electricity Bill Through Amazon App

Amazon application is not only meant for online shopping purposes. Amazon is also used to recharge your mobile and to recharge DTH also and standing in a queue to pay electricity bills is not easy right? Yes from the Amazon application you can pay the electricity bill just you need to know how to pay. This section will let you know about How To Pay Electricity Bill Through Amazon App.

How To Pay Electricity Bill Through Amazon App

Pay Electricity Bill Through Amazon App

1. Install Amazon application from the Google Play Store. and open the app.

2. When you open it will show you three options such as

  1. Already a customer? Sign In
  2. New to Amazon. in? create an account
  3. Skip sign in
  • If you have an account in amazon before then click on the first option and then it will show two options that

(a). create account. New to Amazon? and

(b). Sign-In. Already a customer?

Select the (b) option and enter your mobile number and click on continue.

  • If you are using the Amazon first time, then click on the second option, it will ask you to enter your name, mobile number, or email and set the password, and click on continue.

3. Then a new page opens and there you will be able to see Amazon Pay, Send Money, Scan UPI QR, Pay BIlls, Rewards, Get Payment Options. Click on Pay Bills.

4. There you have many options such as Mobile Recharge, DTH, Electricity, Gas Cylinder, Credit card bill, etc. Click on Electricity.

5. There it will ask you some details, select the state and Electricity board, and enter the consumer number. and click on fetch bill.

6 Then it will show you the customer name, Bill date, Due date, Bill amount, and click on Continue to pay.

7. Then it will bring you to the payment methods, select the payment method and click on place order and pay. and enter all the required details and make payment.

8 Once it has done it will show you Thank you your request has been placed. That’s it.

9. If you want to check whether it has done or not, click on check your order status. there it will show a successful.

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