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How To Pay Electricity Bill Through PhonePe

As we all know PhonePe is a payment platform, help you to transfer money. also, you can Recharge your mobile phone and DTH and you can book a gas cylinder, likewise, also you can pay the electricity bill. This section will let you know about Steps To Pay Electricity Bill Through PhonePe.

Before going to the actual process, if you are using the phone first time and if you want to create your PhonePe account, you can refer to the article How To Recharge DTH Through PhonePe, there are steps to create your PhonePe account in that article.

How To Pay Electricity Bill Through PhonePe

Pay Electricity Bill Through PhonePe

1. open your PhonePe application on your mobile.

2. Once opened you will be able to see Recharge & Pay Bills option.

3. Under that many options are available, in that there is a third option called Electricity from the top. Click on that.

4. Then you will be able to see Billers in Karnataka at the top.

5. Under that you have five options such as

  • BESCOM Bangalore
  • Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corp(CESCOM)
  • Gulbarga Electricity Supply Corp Ltd(GESCOM)
  • Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd(HESCOM)
  • Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd(MESCOM), select, to which you need to pay the electricity bill.

6. Once selected, it will ask you to enter customer id/Account id or consumer id(in the case of GESCOM and MESCOM).

7. Enter the id number(Which is available on your electricity bill). Then click on Confirm, which is available at the bottom.

8. Once you confirmed, you will be able to see the Customer name, Bill number, and Bill date, and bill amount. Check all the details once, if everything is correct then click on PAY BILL.

9. You can make it done through 4 options.

  • By using the amount from your PHonePe
  • And by using BHIM UPI
  • By using a Debit card
  • By using a credit card.

10. Enter the details and make a payment through your comfort gateway. once you have done, it will show Bill Payment Successful, that’s it.

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