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How To Reset Samsung Mobile Phones

Reset Samsung Mobile Phones

Everyone needs a smooth working mobile phone and phone with huge storage. But the thing is, as we use the phone for a long time, the storage capacity and the smooth working capacity of the phones start reducing. but you can make the phone work smoothly by resetting the mobile phones. but if you go to the mobile shop for resetting the mobile phones, that is a waste of money because you only can reset your mobile phone easily. Also resetting mobile phones is important while you are buying others phone. This section will let you know about the steps to Reset Samsung Mobile Phones.

Steps To Reset Samsung Mobile Phones

1. Open your phone and go to Settings.

2. Under the setting you will be able to see About phone, Click on that.

3. After clicking on about phone, you will be able to see options software information, click on that.

4. Under software information, you will be able to see the Build number, click on that 7 times.

5. Then, also under about phone, click on the Developer option. once you click on you will be able to see OEM unlock enable option.

6. While clicking on enable the option, you will see the password/pattern option on your mobile screen, enter your password/pattern, what you have set to your phone. once you enter you will see Enable OEM unlockĀ on the screen with cancel and enable as two options. Click on enable.

7. The next step you need to take to reset your phone is, switch off your phone.

8. Then long-press the volume up button and home and power button. then you will be able to see an installing system update on the mobile screen. it takes some minutes. then you will see no command.

9. Then you will get several options on the mobile screen, look at the Reboot system now. which is in the white color.

10. then with the use of the volume down button, scroll down up to 5 options until you see wipe data/factory reset. Then click on the power button to confirm, once click on it, you will see two options like yes and no. Click on Yes. and confirm. then after nearly around 10 minutes, the phone will get switch on. This completes the resetting of the phone.

11. Then you will be able to see the Welcome on the screen. below that select the language and click on start.

12. Then follow all the instructions as shown on the mobile phone step by step. that’s it your phone is got reset. And it will work smoothly and all additional applications got to remove and install all your needed apps and set your phone according to your need.

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