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How To Scan Google Pay QR code From Gallery

As we all know Google Pay is one of the most used digital wallets used to send and receive money online. This can be done by entering the details such as mobile number, also by scanning the QR code from another mobile camera. Usually, we will scan the code by using two mobiles right? But how will you scan the QR code, if in case you are not able to access the QR code Physically? Yes, you can scan the QR code from the gallery and make payment. This is one of the most useful ways in emergency situations. Therefore here we are providing the article on How To Scan Google Pay QR code From Gallery 

Steps To Scan QR code From Gallery

Before going to the actual process, if you are using the Google Pay app for the first time and if you want to know how to create Google Pay account means, refer to the article given below.

How To Recharge DTH through Google Pay

In the above article, you will get how to create Google Pay Account in the first section.

1. Open your google Pay App on your phone.

2. Once you have open the app, you will be able to see the New Payment option, Click on that.

Scan Google Pay QR code From Gallery

3. There you will be able to see Recharge and pay bills and transfer money category. under the transfer money category, you have an option called UPI ID or QR, click on that.

4. Then you will get an option as Pay to UPI ID and Open Code scanner. click on Open Code scanner.

5. You will get a QR code scan option. On the top of the you will be able to see the gallery option and three dots, click on the Gallery option.

6. Then it will ask you to allow GPay to access Photos and media on your device, click on allow. then select a QR code photo. it will automatically scan the code. and show the recipient name and then enter the amount and click on proceed to pay. and make payment. that’s it.

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